Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Goodies

After a wild and off-schedule day where I just got a couple pictures of the kids painting their crescent shapes with gift bows and then didn't even have time to blog them, we are enjoying a much more fun and "normal" day today!

We did another take on gingerbread men today! The kids rubbed cinnamon sticks into gingerbread men shapes cut from sandpaper - so they've got a cool texture AND they smell good!

After adding some yarn and glitter, we've got more adorable gingerbread man decorations!

Today's goodie was chocolate-dipped pretzel rods - Everyone got to help. We dipped the pretzels in melted chocolate.

And then just sprinkled on sprinkles.

A very pretty, fun, easy treat!

and yummy, too!

Today we also drew names for our daycare gift exchange. I love seeing the kids get excited about giving!

Tomorrow - More Goodies!

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