Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Beginning to Smell a lot Like Christmas!

One of my favorite holiday smells is cinnamon and now my whole house smells like yummy cinnamon because we made cinnamon ornaments this morning!

We mixed the dough, rolled it out, took a great big whiff of its yummy deliciousness,

Cut out our ornament shapes,

then baked them until they hardened and hung them on the tree - super cute and smells wonderful!

(the recipe for the dough is super easy: 1C + 2T flour, 3/4 C cinnamon, 1 C salt, pinch of cloves, 1 C water. Mix together, roll out and cut with cookie cutters.)

We also colored some noodles to make Christmas necklaces - too fun!

Tomorrow more Yellow and Crescent art!

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