Friday, December 10, 2010

The Last of Our Christmas Goodies

We wrapped up Christmas goodie week just in time because a) I think Everyone has had enough sugar to go with their excitement about Christmas this week and b) I don't need to be tempted by sweets anymore!

We attempted to make what sounded, in the instructions, like adorable peppermint candy wreaths. My partner-in-crime (that doesn't sound quite right, but you know what I mean...), attempted these several times this week without much luck so I went in prepared - ready to tweak the directions to make it work. Miss Laura had some trouble with the melted mints sticking to her bakeware, so I gathered aluminum foil and non-stick spray before beginning the project.

I laid the aluminum foil on my baking sheet, sprayed it down, laid out my candies in a nice circle and popped in a 350 degree oven for 5 minutes. When I pulled it out, it looked great! The candies had melted together and looked to have formed a perfect wreath! I let it cool as the instructions said - picked it up to try to move it off the tray - and it came off easily which fooled me into thinking I was good to go. These were going to be sooooo cute!

And then I laid it down again - crrrraaaccckkk - totallly fell apart - ugh!

Back up plan - I'm breaking out the hot glue gun, because by-golly this is going to happen! No better luck here - the glue would just slide off the slick candies once it cooled - what the heck?

So, before I got overly cranky with it - I picked up all the supplies - the unwrapped candies. It all went in the trash. What's done is done!

So we moved on to a coloring page wreath as a substitute! We also spent some one-on-one time decorating a couple sugar cookies together. We added snow-white frosting and some Christmas-y sprinkles.

Then after lunch we got to have one for dessert. Yum!

Next week - more Christmas crafts!

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