Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting Into the Swing of Things

This has been a super fun and super busy week as we get in the swing of things again - in the swing of our school-year routine and in the swing of having a brand new (or at least half new!) group of friends. We went theme-less for this week of adjustment and just worked on getting used to each other and the way we do things.

All-in-all it's been a very successful week for all of us! We've all had fun and I'm getting to know all the kids as they get to know me and each other.

In addition to lots of outside time as the mornings have been beautiful this week, we've done lots of playing together inside, making friends...

...or enjoying our favorite toys and discovering things on our own when we need a break, which as just fine, too!

Miss O checking out Bobo the snake!

M discovered that the trains have magnets and that the magnets will stick to my desk!

We've done lots of art together...

and we've been getting in the routine of table & calendar time, enjoying snacks together, lots of music and our daily routine of story-time before naps, once our mats are all laid out.

Getting ready to count out the days of the month at calendar time...

Mr. N doing "Friday, Friday, Friday - Party, Party, Party"

L enjoying some pretzels after outside time.

Girls all ready for story time...

Boys all ready for story time...

Nap-time is going great too! Everyone's playing so hard, they're worn out and napping like champs!

Is there any sight better than 7 sleeping angels?

I'm excited to get to know everyone even more as we explore "All About Me."

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