Monday, August 23, 2010

My Baby is 8 Today!

How on earth did that happen? My baby, my youngest, my sweet little blonde-haired, blue-eyed angel is 8 years old today!

She is in 3rd grade and loves to tease me with - in 2 more years, I'll be in middle school... in 6 more years, I'll be in high school. It's just not right.

Chloe is our family comedian - funniest stinkin' kid, and yet can be so sweet, too! She isn't too old to hold my hand out in public or come up and pucker up for smooches. She is happiest when she can just hang out with us - playing board games, playing Wii, doing crafts or just snuggling.

I am so proud of the hard worker she is in school and how she's growing up to be a good helper around home, too. She is a wonderful friend to the girls she is friends with and loves everyone!

I miss the little baby and toddler she was because she was so stinkin' cute and full of spunk, but I am loving every minute of this age, too.

Since today is a school day and we wanted her to have some time to play with her birthday presents, we opened her presents from us yesterday. She HAD to have new monkey PJs because she is so in love with everything monkey!

She is loving her quiet time with her DS so she got a new game for that.

And hello - Just Dance! So fun to watch her play it (especially when her older brother gets guilted into playing with her, too!)

Happy Birthday, Baby! We love you so much!

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