Friday, August 27, 2010

Busy End of All About Me Week

We have had a wonderful week together as we explore "all about me" and have fun together. It has been a full week of activities and projects and play time and helping and still getting used to each other and our routine - but it's been great! This is a super fun group of kids and they have inspired me to play and dance and have fun with them.

Our days have been so full of fun that it's wearing some of us out...

Me, too! I probably looked like this eating my lunch today, too! (and I'm sure it has nothing to do with my getting up at 5a.m. every day now to exercise and running like a crazy person from the time I get up until the time I crash in bed...)

Others, it's brought out some excitement in... Whooo boy - did we have some excitement today, but instead of fighting it, I decided to go with it and encourage them to get that excitement out by doing crazy dancing with scarves! I'll bet everyone sleeps really well at naptime today now!

Another source of excitement for us today - new stuff! I ordered some new equipment and part of that order came in late yesterday - new hoops! We've had a ball playing with the hoops - we made a course to jump through, have been spinning them, driving them like cars, making them into our butterfly wings and more - guaranteed more fun in the future!

We also wrapped up our All About Me theme today - we made a name mat for each of the kids to use at circle time. Hopefully everyone having their own name mat will not only help with name recognition practice and encourage pride in the art they created, but will also help us to maintain some personal space during circle time. Circle time is a big favorite of everyone in this group - especially singing! Everyone sings along - at their loudest volume! It's a crazy time, but I love it.

One of our favorite songs right now is "On the Banks of the Hanky Panky" - they love it when I add their names to the song! Look at the excitement!

This morning we also snacked on our fun Me snacks! Yum!

Next week - Friends and Manners!

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