Thursday, August 26, 2010

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Weekly Theme

...for some spontaneous learning and fun!

How can you not take a break from your normal planned activities to spend time doing something special like examining a monarch butterfly a friend brings? So, we happily brought out the magnifying glasses and spent time checking out the details on the butterfly and talking about butterflies. Thank you, Miss O, for sharing your butterfly find with us today!

And when new fun materials show up, we Have to spend some time with them, too! M's sisters are growing up and growing out of their dress up clothes, so his family was nice enough to share them with us! Everyone loved it, we played princess and prince a lot of the morning - everyone wanted to spend some time dressing up and having their pictures taken (sorry, daddies!) Thank you, M and family, for sharing these beautiful dresses and shoes with us!

We did spend a little time in our theme today as we talked about our families and made these beautiful family "portraits".

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