Monday, August 30, 2010

Friends & New Fun!

This is our friends and manners week and is perfect timing as we are still all getting to know each other and getting used to each other and learning to share and take turns. Today we practiced good manners by taking turns and sharing as we created Friendship Bracelets together. Everyone shared their color of fruit loops when their friends asked them if they could please have one - and thank you! We are also working on catching our friends using good manners so we can high five them for it!

all lined up - ready to go outside!

Today we also got to play with some new, fun equipment! We broke out the hoops last week! Over the weekend, Bronson was nice enough to hang a hose holder thingy (very technical term) so we can store them there - love it!

New this week also are scooters to ride on and race with,

new hopper balls because they are such a favorite,

and bean bags!

We had a fun morning and I'm looking forward to being with my little friends the rest of the week, too!

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