Monday, July 19, 2010


Howdy, ya'll. Sheriff Dawny here, reachin' out for a little help from my pardners out there. We've had a terrible run of mischief and mayhem out yonder here and I could use some extra sets of eyes! The Big, Bad, Dangerous Daycare Gang is on the loose and wreaking havoc across the land. If ya'll see any of these varmints - ya just let me know! Thank ya kindly...

K the Kreepy - Wanted for Impersonating Hannah Montana

Atrocious A - Wanted for Ballet Dancing without a Permit

M the Merciless - Wanted for Overly-Squeezable Cheeks

Cool-Hand Chloe - Wanted for Excessive Giggling

Notorious N - Wanted for Being a Lady Killer

Big, Bad B - The Ring-Leader - Wanted for Heart Thievery

Krazy K - Wanted for Distraction by Story-Telling

Seriously, Cowboy Week is a lot of fun and we had so much fun taking our "bad guy" pictures and making our wanted posters! We had one of our friends show up all duded up for the event! Love it, N!

We have so much fun planned for the rest of the week! I can hardly wait!

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