Friday, July 16, 2010

Treasure Hunt Treats!

Today was the last day of our fun pirate week. We ended up with a treasure hunt - following a sequence of clues until they found the treasure chest full of yummy loot! Lots of fun and they were so proud of themselves for finding the treasure!

Clue #1 - Love to see the big kids and littler kids working together!

Clue #2 - Under the picnic table!

Finding a clue on a balance beam - Come on N - don't miss the clue!

Good piratey face when you find the clue in the tire tee pee, Chloe!

N and K running to the next clue!

Another clue - up the steps!

This has nothing to do with the treasure hunt, but I love this little white dress on Miss K!


What's in the chest, mateys?

Delicious bars of Gold! Aarrgghh!

Tasty way to end the week!

Next Week - Cowboy Week!

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