Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet Surprise

Long, long ago in a place far, far away... Not really, but a while ago, a couple blocks away I started a home day-care. And some of my first kids were these adorable little girls who all started kindergarten together. Imagine, if you will, (because I haven't had time to go hunt down the picture...) the three of these girls posing together, with their bookbags, heading off to the first day of school.

Among others, T, M, Tyler & H (facing backwards....)

Little H after she lost her 1st tooth at my house!

Tyler, H, T and M (along with my 1st daycare kiddo over, little Mr. J)

Me with a bunch of my first kiddos including some of the girls

These girls have a special place in my heart and just continue to stay there. And yesterday, they surprised me by all showing up to visit me together! I LOVED it! These girls are 16 and nearly all grown up now and they are still as sweet as can be. They brought us a cake we shared with the little kids, and some flowers and hung out and visited with me and the little kiddos for quite a while.

This will be one of my fondest memories of my time doing daycare!! These girls have touched my life and I'm happy to know that I have touched theirs, too!

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