Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Rides!

This year, to help bring in new equipment, supplies, etc., I implemented an annual enrollment fee for the families in my care. It's a nominal fee due at the beginning of each year and I was excited to be able to bring in some new fun supplies for the daycare without having to stretch the family budget this year!

One of the kiddos' favorite things to do is to ride on the cars & trikes, scooters & bikes when we're outside playing. However, a lot of my toys were getting worn out and breaking making the kids either sad or prone to bickering - which is not fun for anyone!

So, after lots of looking to find the most for my money, I got some new outside toys! But, it's still cold and wet more often and not. And once Bronson got our new toys put together, they were still clean... So, until we can enjoy more outside time - they are inside and everyone's having a blast with them!

We got a new Cozy Coupe.

and a tricycle...

Make that 2 tricycles!

and a little 4 wheeler...

and a motorcycle!

These, combined with the ones that are already outside and the ones that Bronson is fixing, will ensure every child can have a riding toy at the same time when we play outside! Yay!

Thanks, everyone, for making it easier for me to expand my equipment this year! And, thanks, Bronson, for taking so much time to help me put all the toys together! The benefit for the kids is amazing!

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