Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Miss K!

One of my favorite little friends turns 5! years old today! I can hardly even believe it! She's been with me since she was a baby and I've loved having the privilege of watching her grow and learn.

She is a beautiful, fun, smart, funny, well-behaved little girl who brings a lot of fun moments to the daycare!

She will be the first of THREE of my girls turning 5 in a very short time. The Three Amigos all turn 5 very close to each other and will love going to school together through the years! Very exciting to see and a little sad to know they're growing up so quickly.

We had fun watching Miss K open the very thoughtful present one of her friends brought for her today! We've got frosted brownies with beautiful pink sprinkles all ready for snack time - and candles, of course! It's been a fun day for all of us!

We have a very close group of kiddos right now who all love each other! I'm very blessed to have this birthday girl and all her friends as part of my life every day!

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