Thursday, February 18, 2010

X Marks the Spot!

We've been busy learning the letter X this week. X is a super fun letter because it's so easy to recognize, so easy to write... But, it is a challenge to find X words and X activities, but we've found some and had lots of fun with them!

We made toothpick Xs to practice the look of an X.

We made Xs with our fingers.

We made Xs with our bodies.

I made a huge letter X on the floor with tape and we've had a blast balancing along it!

We made X breadsticks by simply placing the dough on a cookie sheet in an X shape,

Sprinkling with cinnamon-sugar,

and snacking on! Mmmmmmm.

Today we did eXercises! Toe Touches...

And Stretches...

And Wind-Mills...

and Jogging in Place...

and push ups...

and sit ups...

and bicycles...


We've also been doing lots of practicing our shapes. We made this funky Sally Square faces using square shapes.

Everyone created their own unique shape-person from the shapes they chose.

Using cooked noodles, we created shapes!

And we did some building with a variety of different-shaped blocks.

We've spent lots of time riding the new cars, bikes & trikes! And dancing - it's been a dancing kind of week as we work out some extra winter-time energy!

Next week we start talking about Germs! and staying healthy! It's sure to be fun!

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