Friday, January 1, 2010

Sledding Fun!

You can't get all this snow and not have some fun out playing in it. So yesterday we bundled up because it was ccccccold! and headed up to the ball diamonds to do some sledding down the hills there! It was a blast!


He did a lot of sledding, but spent a lot of time on the ground, as well!

Daddy giving Ty a big push.

So fast!

Chloe bundled up, waiting her turn.

It's a long ways up there!


Chloe and Bubba - down the hill!

They went sooooo far!

And again!

Near collision.

Daddy's turn!

Mommy's turn - are they trying to help me or just waiting to get to push me?

From the look on Tyler's face - they were looking forward to pushing me!

It's hard work getting back up that hill with the sled! But the fun made it all worthwhile!

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