Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Day with the Grandparents - Just a little late...

The crazy amounts of snow not only resulted in an early Christmas Eve, but a late Christmas Day. Bronson's parents usually come to dinner on Christmas Day so we can celebrate the holiday with that side of the family, but this year, that just wasn't gonna happen - nobody needed to be out in the snow.... Soooo, instead of Christmas on Friday this year, we celebrated on Sunday and it was a great time.

We enjoyed a traditional ham dinner, had a nice time visiting and hanging out with the kids, then the kiddos got to open the goodies Grandma and Grandpa brought. Fun for everyone!

Nice Antlers, Bud!

Sketchbook for the little artist - perfect!

Cool kite - can't wait for it to be warm enough to try that out!

Bendaroos! She's been building critters with them all week!

Warm PJ Pants - she's been livin' in those this week!

And fuzzy slippers - Whoo Hoo!

Look at that smile!

Neon Black Light Paint - just right for her!

Sweet! Monsters vs. Aliens - a favorite!!!

I think Spencer liked the huge Raisin Bran box as much as he did the back pack! Goofy Kid!

Thanks, Ronnie and Betty, for a very nice Christmas.

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