Monday, December 21, 2009

How I Spent My Weekend

After innocently sharing my stomach-flu virus with my 2 oldest kids and no less than half the daycare kiddos on Friday, I spent my weekend is preventative mode!

Now, let me back up to say - I truly, really, honestly thought I had just eaten something that was bad because this hit me so hard and so fast Wednesday night and then by mid-day Thursday, I was fine... I would've hit the Lysol more hot and heavy earlier if I had thought for 1 second what I'd experienced was contagious....

Anyway - I keep a clean house anyway - I am a fan of the Clorox wipes, hand-washing, lysoling of toys that make it in the mouths of the kiddos, etc. But, not wanting anyone else to have to experience the joys so many of us had at the end of the week... I dumped out every single solitary toy we own in the daycare, washed 'em down, Lysol'ed the heck out of 'em - including all the crayons and every surface they have ever touched! I washed every single piece of bedding they use. It took me all day, but I opened back up today confident that those nasty stomach flu germs have been decimated and we have done our part to keep the rest of the kids sick-free - until the next bug has been brought in, that is!

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