Monday, December 21, 2009

Adopting a Family

I am so blessed this year to have been asked by a group of friends to collaborate and adopt a family together. We've all had such a great time planning and shopping for the family together, sharing the experience with our families and gearing up to deliver and hopefully bless this family.

Friday night, the girls met up here to have a wrapping party for all our adopted-family gifts! I have such generous friends - this family is going to have a wonderful Christmas and I am so proud and happy to have been a part of it! We wrapped and talked and laughed and ate and it was such a great time!

To add to the fun, we held a silly "Bad Christmas Sweater" contest as well - we couldn't decide whose was the gaudiest or who had the best "flair" with it, so we declared all of us winners!

Kelli, Brandi, Lisa - you girls are the best and I am so thankful you are my friends! I can't wait to finish out the project with you this week!

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