Wednesday, December 16, 2009

False Advertising

So, we are in the midst of more adorable Christmas crafts & projects... Everyone is getting so excited for the big day...

We made a herd of adorable handprint reindeer yesterday - the kids love seeing their handprints transformed into something they can recognize. And they love feeling the paint tickle their hands!

Today, after beginning to work on a Christmas surprise for their mommies and daddies, the kiddos worked with me to make handprint Christmas trees. I went shopping the other night and was at a craft store, but knew I had paint on my shopping list so I picked it up there, instead of at my regular store. I am always very careful to pick up washable paint - must protect furniture, carpet, clothes and skin, you know.

I dove into this project with the utmost confidence that clean up would be easy as always. Ummmmm, not so much - check out the stained hands!

And this was with "washable" paint - I promise!

The kids think it's hilarious!!!! I think it's plain ol' false advertising!

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