Monday, December 14, 2009

Friday Fun, Crazy, Late Night at Daycare

Each year at Christmas-time, I give the families in my care a gift of one night of babysitting until 10:00 so they can shop, go to a party, have a date, relax, clean their house, pick their toes, whatever! This past Friday was that night this year.

We had 13 kiddos ages 11 and under and 2 14 year olds helping? out. It was a wild and wooly, fun and silly night. It wears me out completely - especially at the end of a long day and a long week, but it is so worth it, too. The kids had me laughing so hard Friday night I could hardly keep a breath and I got some great snuggle time, too!

We started out getting some of our wiggles out by pretending to do some ice skating with paper skates - to Christmas music, of course.

We did some coloring while waiting for dinner to get ready. And what a dinner it was?! All kid-fare! Corn dogs, Cheetos, Apple Slices & 7Up or Juice! Everyone ate very well and afterwards, for dessert, we had ice cream sandwiches - yummy!

We spent some time on some more art projects - making glittery Christmas trees, jingle bell necklaces and some scratch art ornaments. As we were ready to wind down, we popped in a movie and everyone sat to watch for a while! When the littler ones got tired of sitting, they came and snuggled with me - loved it!

We really did have a great time and while I'm glad it's behind me for this year, I know next year will be just as great!

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