Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Woodland Critters

This week we've been exploring the woods and the animals we might come across in the woods! So far we've talked about the many different kinds of birds - we played in birdseed and painted with feathers.

We talked about finding frogs in the woods - and then made our own green & speckled frogs, just like our favorite song. We added green speckles by dipping bristle blocks into green paint and stamping them onto our frogs!

We also ate "flies" on a log! Chocolate chips stuck on our pretzel logs with peanut butter - yummy!

Today we talked about bunnies. We did lots of hopping like bunnies and trying to wiggle our noses like bunnies. We added fluffy tails to our bunnies and little pink noses and soft pink ears.

Knowing that bunnies love their vegetables we ate like bunnies - tasting carrots, radishes and lettuce!

We've also been working with the letter L - We've learned that L is for...

...flying like Ladybugs.

...falling like Leaves.

...rolling like Logs.

and Laughing (my personal favorite!)

Later this week we'll explore squirrels and bears! And enjoy lots of outside time in this simply gorgeous fall weather!

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