Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Family 4-Wheelin'

It had been about 2 years since the whole family has gotten to go together, to go ride 4-wheelers... Between getting the old house ready to move, packing, getting settled in the new house and working around the weather and busy schedules, it just hasn't happened. Saturday, finally, it did again!

It was a beautiful day, warm and just a little breezy, lots of sun. We woke up, packed up and headed out. The boys went out first, and found a little mud. They told us that it was a little squishy in spots, but not too bad - to just pay attention.

Ty and I headed out. The boys have been riding several times during this break we've had - the girls have not. While we were paying attention, we were out of practice and some places didn't look as squishy or as rutty as they were or just plain ol' snuck up on us and we got stuck. A Lot! And let me tell ya - those machines are heavy. And I am not a girl known for my upper-body strength, but every time we got stuck - Ty and I got ourselves unstuck (almost, except for one creek crossing where some very nice guys helped us out... But we could've done it ourselves...)!! Girl Power! Even from the great big huge puddle/pond that I plowed into as I came around a corner. The trail went from perfectly, dusty dry - to a big ol' 25' long puddle, at least 12" full of water and with a bottom of very sticky, slippery mud. Ugh. This was a big stuck. I slid sideways as soon as I hit it, even though I tried soooo hard to get up on the bank and out of the mud as soon as I saw it! Ty was riding in front of me and she had no trouble so she just kept on going. Leaving me sitting in the puddle - all by myself. I plopped off into the puddle, covering my boots in cold, mucky water. And pushed. And pulled. And pushed. And pulled. And in one valiant pulling attempt lost my grip and landed flat on my ..... booty in the foot-high muddy water. Oh Joy... Tyler finally realized I wasn't behind her and came back to help and, though we were very close to considering calling Daddy to come pull us out, we did it! We got that big ol' 8zillion pound machine out of the mud. We promptly left the trail system to be done for a while. But, after some lunch and a break, we did go back out!

Miss Chloe got one of her first riding lessons this weekend, too! She was super excited and could hardly wait til it was her turn. She geared up and headed out with Daddy for her lesson. Chloe did a great job, learning to drive and steer and go around the circle track - steering clear of mud.

It was even nice enough that while they weren't riding, the kids were able to go explore, find frogs and bugs, wade in the creek and look for fossils. Everyone had a great time!

I can't wait 'til we do it again!

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