Thursday, November 12, 2009

Awww - nuts!

And squirrels! We had lots of fun today talking about the cute little rodents, errr I mean critters - squirrels! We made these adorable squirrel pictures with furry, fluffy tails - the little ones got to test out all kinds of vocabulary - soft, fluffy, brown, pretty... So much fun hearing all these words around here lately!

We also explored a variety of nuts - we checked 'em out with magnifying glasses, sorted them, counted them and tasted them! Just like squirrels! We had a couple run quick to the trash can to spit out nuts they didn't care for, but everyone still seemed to enjoy it.

And to whine about the sacrifices I make in efforts to expand the world and minds of these little ones, here's my new blood blister... created while cracking these stinkin' nuts! :o( It's all worth it, but dang it - that hurt! But, I promise - I didn't teach the kiddos any new words! :o)

Tomorrow - BEARS!

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