Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Girls' Night

Last night was our first planned-ahead monthly, Girls Night Out. Being friends with girls who are busy with the kids and their families and their jobs and their homes makes it hard to plan impromptu nights out where very many of us can go. Since our friends are our sisters-by-choice, we wanted to have every opportunity to get as many of us together as possible. So, we've set aside one Monday night each month to get together and hang out, catch up and have fun!

Last night we celebrated Brandi-Loo's birthday from a couple weeks before. Her favorite place is Chili's so we met and Chili's and enjoyed a great meal!

We ordered yummy meals and toasted each other and the birthday girl! Brandi, being the fun nut she is, brought in party favors for all of us! Twilight candies, plates & napkins - in anticipation of the upcoming New Moon movie!

And some of us were too full for dessert, but Brandi and Lisa indulged and seemed to enjoy every crumb!!!

I wasn't the best at fully documenting the night as I didn't catch a picture of all of us or even Kelli at all :o(. But we were a loud, fun, silly group of 5 last night! Me, Lisa, Brandi, Kim and Kelli!

Our waiter wasn't sure about us, but we had a blast. We had a great time together and even though our evening was cut short by the snow, I know we're all looking forward to doing it again next month, when hopefully the gals who we all missed last night can join us!

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