Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fall Family Fun!

It was cloudy. The high was in the 50s. There were no leaves on the trees. A great day to stay inside? Nope! Not for our family! We loaded up, geared up and headed out with the 4-wheelers again!

This time we were the only ones at the ride area so it was like our own little private trail system. We started out with nice, clean quads - knowing it wouldn't last...

And it didn't! Not only were the quads not clean by the first trek through the woods, neither were we! And it was great!

We still share quads so we take turns riding together. When it wasn't our turn to ride, we hung out by the bonfire, having fun together, reading, relaxing - perfect!

The kids found plenty of things to do to entertain themselves - ... they found a turtle. He quickly become Chloe's buddy - and she spent a lot of the afternoon singing to him! Too funny!

...made a make-shift trampoline.

...got some tree-chopping experience.

...And - no picture of this - Tyler managed to catch her shoe on fire! Luckily, she noticed it before she felt it!!

Knowing it would be cool that day, I planned a warm lunch. We grilled hamburgers. Being a ding-bat that morning - I totally forgot the buns! So we had "BBs" - Bunless Burgers - with all the fixin's! And - since we had planned on eating them as sandwiches, we had to make do with silverware we found in the clubhouse that day - spoons and knives - to eat our lunch with. It was hilarious and will be a great memory for us!

We had a blast riding that day, too - it's so carefree to have the trails all to ourselves. Happily - I did not get stuck even once this time! We had a fabulous time just enjoying nature! Spencer and Bronson even chased some deer through a field on one of their treks out!

Chloe is just learning to ride this year and is doing great! This time, she got to go off the open circle track in the campground and into the woods on a track there - and... there was a mud puddle! She loved it! She did a wonderful job and is getting much more confident - she'll be hitting the trails with us before we know it. And - what an amazing daddy she has! He hooks a tether to the kill switch on her little quad - that way, if she/it gets away from him, he can yank on that tether to kill the engine and keep her safe. He held onto that tether, running around the track over and over with her until it was nearly dark because she was having so much fun! He was exhausted from his own riding that day and he just kept on going because he wanted her to learn and have fun - fills my heart!

That was probably our last trip out this year - the weather is just not going to cooperate so it's time to winterize the machines and say good-bye 'til spring. Can't wait to start back up then!

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