Friday, November 13, 2009

Goin' on a Bear Hunt

Wrapping up our week of woodland creatures, today we explored bears!

We talked about the many different things we know about bears. We made these adorable bears - painted them with glue mixed with coffee grounds. They look rough and furry and they smell wonderful!

My favorite part of today - we made bear paws! The kids love cooking with me and they had a great time making these!

We took plain ol' refrigerator biscuits. One whole biscuit got coated with cinnamon-sugar, the placed on a cookie sheet (and yes, my cookie sheets are Well Loved/Used!).

Next, we broke another biscuit into 3 parts and rolled them into balls,

coated each of the 3 balls in cinnamon sugar.

Then we put the 3 smaller biscuit balls next to the big coated biscuit - for the toes!

What bear paw is complete without claws? We added almond sliver claws...

Then we repeated, repeated and repeated until we had a tray full of biscuit bear paws - ready to bake!

Now, they are cooling and ready to snack on after naps! Can't wait!

Next week: Zoo Animals!

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