Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Getaway Day 1

Knowing school was out for 2 days and knowing how much we love Fall, we decided to run away for 4 days this weekend and go play! We planned a get-away to central Missouri and looked forward to it for weeks!

We started out our trip by renting a car, because, quite-honestly, poor ol' Bessie, our van, just isn't all that reliable... We were lucky enough to end up with my favorite car - a candy-apple-red Dodge Charger. Mmmmm. Purty!

We headed down the road (with a few short detours while trying to fanagle around the pedestrian campus and find parking (and we won't talk about the parking ticket)) to Columbia and the University of Missouri - Mizzou!

We found our first destination - Enns Entomology Museum. When we were done laughing because we saw how teeny tiny the bathroom-sized museum was, the kids, especially, had fun looking at all the bugs!

From there we walked through campus to another building that houses a public reptile display - they had native reptiles displayed, including copperheads and rattlesnakes. Seeing a copperhead on display would come in handy on a hike tomorrow!

Since Bronson and the kids are all so into rocks and gems and fossils, we next went to the geologic sciences building for a look at their displays. They actually had extensive displays - many better than they'd been able to see before. They all enjoyed it a lot!

My favorite part - walking through the lovely architecture! Beautiful buildings!

We ended our day after checking into our hotel with a quick trip to the local Bass Pro Shop, and a nice dinner out. We did a little swimming, then went to bed to catch some Zzzzzs before our busy Friday....

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