Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Big 7!

My baby had a birthday Sunday! She is 7 years old now! I can't believe it's been only 7 years since she became part of our lives. I can't believe 7 years of her childhood are already done.

Chloe is a joy. She is a fun, silly, smart, kind, loving, funny girl. She is stubborn as the day is long and is always sure what she wants. She wants to be in charge, and wants everyone to like her. She is the goofiest kid ever - she can make us laugh even when we're trying very hard not to because what's she's doing really shouldn't be funny. She still gives the biggest, tightest hugs and will still willingly hold my hand when we walk.

I love seeing her grow all tall and gangly. I love her gappy little smile right now with all the teeth she's lost. I love watching her get excited about math in school and learn so much and come so far with reading! I love watching her make friends and play with them in the neighborhood. I love watching her master riding her bike and ride all the time!

Chloe, my baby, my joy. Happy 7th Birthday! We love you! We can't wait to watch so many more birthdays to come!

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