Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Seeing and Hearing

This week as we continue to learn more about "me", we are exploring our five senses. Yesterday we talked about our eyes and seeing. We made binoculars to watch for birds then took a nature walk to pick up fun things we saw! We gathered leaves and sticks and rocks and grass and flowers and feathers - everyone used their eyes and their sense of sight to pick up all kinds of goodies!

Miss A found a feather!

Today we continued learning about the senses and talked about our ears and the sense of hearing! We made these fun noise-making tambourines and just let loose with them - making all kinds of noise!

Here's a short little video of the fun the big girls had shaking their noise makers while shaking their booties! (Please ignore the fact they're shakin' it to Gimme, Gimme, Gimme a Man After Midnight - I can't help that they, too, love Mamma Mia songs!!) Enjoy the noise! They did!

We listened to music (one of our favorite activities) and we went outside, laid down in the soft grass, got very quiet, closed our eyes and listened to the sounds around us. We heard: birds, a bee, an airplane, dogs barking, kids, cars, wind! The kids all did a great job!

such peace while listening!

Baby B - I can hear better if I hold my eyes shut!

W - I can hear and See it! :o)

Miss K - concentrating so hard on the sounds!

After lunch we ready a book about sounds that explained how sounds are carried on sound waves! The bigger kids especially like getting a little scientific with our sound lesson! We learned that sounds can travel through air, water, and the ground. We learned a little about decibels and sonar and echolocation! Big learning day and lots of fun!

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Laura Fluke said...

love how they turned out!!! Very super cute!!! I am sure the kids loved them!