Friday, August 21, 2009

All About Me

Well, not really about ME, but about the kiddos. Our first week back to pre-school lessons this years has been focusing on them and what makes them special!

We spent a lot of time on their names - everyone's doing a great job recognizing their name or at least their name shape now! The older group can easily spell their names and is doing a great job writing them too! We made these fun name banners to hang early in the week!

We talked about how each of them has special things they like - foods, toys, clothes; they have different dreams and different people in their families. As we talked about how each of these things is special to each child, we filled out that information on these cool stars, decorated them, added a picture and hung them in our room too!

We talked a lot about how everyone looks different and is special that way. We looked at ourselves using our eyes, mirrors and pictures. Everyone worked together to create this awesome poster with the pictures of everyone in our daycare family!

And today we talked a little more about how we all look different and to bring that point home, we traced around everyone's bodies

and colored them and cut them out (whew - big project!). They turned out sooooo cool! The older girls totally worked on their own once I traced around them - they got very creative and had fun, colorful body cutouts when we were done.

I helped add features to the little guys'. They enjoyed seeing "themselves" when we were all done and had them all hanging up! Once they were done I could see that they really "got" that the cutout was them! Super fun!

Next week - The 5 Senses!

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