Monday, August 31, 2009

American Idol On Tour 2009!!!!!!

I don't know how she does it but my incredible, gorgeous, fun, talented, wonderful friend, Lisa wins tickets to the Best Shows! Last year she won tickets to Dancing With the Stars on Tour and took me with her. A couple weeks ago she won tickets to American Idol On Tour 2009 and I was so excited for her. A devout fan, she is. Yesterday I start getting frantic calls saying she isn't able to go and is going to pass on her tickets. I hemmed and hawed and decided to go ahead and go in her stead... So, Brandi and I went. Once I realized that, yeah, it would probably be worth being tired the next day even though this is a crazy busy week for me, I got excited. I, too, am a devout AI fan!!!

**A quick disclaimer before you get much further... I took pictures but the camera was not very happy because it was dark with a lot of light effects and we were pretty far away from the stage - free tickets and all. But, here's some of our night! Enjoy!

We head out, ready to have some fun!

Up first - Michael Sarver? (oil rig guy). You'll just have to forgive me on the few I forget the name of... it was a busy spring for us and I did a lot of fast-forwarding of those that weren't my absolute favorites! Pretty good - really seems to have loosened up and was having fun!

Megan - they really sleazed her up. She was such a cute tattooed gal before. Really too bad...

Ummm. The blind guy? (I never really enjoyed him, so he was a victim of the fast-forward button) We went to the bathroom and got an Icee here... (There's a QT in the Sprint Center that sells nice sized Icees for only $1!!!! What a treat!!!)

L'il Rounds. She was never one of my faves and her name makes me giggle, but she was pretty fun last night!

Anoop-Dog! Um, not much to say. He was awright....

Ummm... Piano Bar guy...

Allison! Yeah, she rocked it!!!

And... (let the screaming begin...) DANNY GOKEY!!! LOVED HIM during the tv show, LOVED HIM EVEN MORE last night! He rocks! Can't wait til he has a CD out. And, just because it makes me smile, here are a couple very short video clips from his performances last night!

And - I absolutely do NOT get it and thought the hysteria over the #2 was soooo incredibly over the top, but Adam was next.

Seeing his performance last night was worth every penny I spent for the (free) tickets! Although, I was laughing so hard I had tears flowing down my cheeks. Once the camera for the big screen zoomed in on a frontal shot of his gyrating hips and he brought out the sexy moves I just about lost it... But not in the way so many of the other women (girls) there did; they were eating it up. I was trying not to vomit (through the hysterical laughter!)

But I was certainly the odd one out - women of all ages were just going gaga - teenagers, of course, to those who could be my mother, ogling him with binoculars...

to those who could be my Grand!mother, rocking out, swinging her glow-light through the entire performance (she was awful cute!)

After Adam's last solo performance, Allison came out and performed once with him and if you tuned Adam out, it was pretty good!

Lastly, Kris Allen. While I would far rather had Danny Gokey won, Kris is an awfully good performer and did an awesome job last night!

It was a great show and I had a blast! Thanks, Lisa. You are the best and I missed you, but I thank you so much for a great start to my crazy week!

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Looks like fun!

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