Thursday, August 27, 2009

Feeling and Smelly

And no - this is not a post about dirty diapers (ew!!!) :o)

As we've continued on our journey this week about the five senses, we explored the sense of touch yesterday. We felt all types of different textures - smooth, hard, soft, rough, scratchy, bumpy, wrinkly, fuzzy, soft and more! We glued things with different textures onto a poster with our handprints - super cute and a great vocabulary lesson!

Since yesterday was made a busier day by the fact that the snake shed his skin yesterday morning and proceeded to stink up his tank, we added taking care of the pets to our agenda. After I cleaned out the snake tank and the room smelled much better, I gave the kids who wanted it, an opportunity to touch the snake. They loved it! Almost everyone gave it a try and those that didn't weren't so much scared as they were just not interested. We use the greatest care when petting the snake - only do it when I'm holding him and have control. We only pet 1 at a time and only toward his tail - his face is kept well away from the kids and when if it starts to get rowdy in the room, Bobo gets put away! We've been so lucky to learn about snakes first hand!

Today we explored our sense of smell. We started by putting a variety of scents into brown paper bags and having everyone smell then and guess what they were! Little noses did a great job of guessing! Then we made a yummy smelling necklace by rubbing a cinnamon stick on a square of sandpaper! Delicious!

We've also been reviewing the letter B this week. There are so many B words, but I think some of our favorites were ones we explored yesterday - BlueBerry Banana Smoothie! Everyone thought these were de-scrumptious and especially loved the lovely purple smoothie moustaches they got!

Today we treid a new art project where I made a bunch of bubbles in a dish using dishsoap and ink. The plan was to drop a letter B cutout onto the bubbles and they would leave beautiful bubbles shapes in blue all over the cutout. Well, sounded great, but didn't really work for me. But, we did have a lot of fun blowing the bubbles! Everytime I'd get them blown up big one of the kiddos would yell, "Good Job, Dawn!" - made me laugh every time!

Tomorrow the kids will explore their sense of taste with Bronson while I man our garage sale. They're going to taste a variety of baby foods and see if they can guess what they were! I'm sure everyone will have fun!

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