Monday, June 29, 2009

Catching Up... A week's worth...

Last week I felt like I was moving underwater, in slow motion and couldn't keep up with much of anything. This week - I'm back at it, ready to jump in... Starting with catching up on some of what we Did do last week!

Last Sunday evening, I went in (start squirming now, sorry...) to feed the little snake, Wiggles. I had the mouse in the pliars, ready to put it in front of her face for her to strike at and devour... when I noticed these weird, white, mis-shapen things in her tank. I had never seen anything like it before. I very carefully - trying not to touch them very much - plucked them out of the tank, into a dish and carried them out to B to see what he thought. In the meantime, I very nearly go into a full-fledged panic attack thinking pod people or some other horrible, unthinkable things were taking over our house. It was freaky. Turns out the silly little snake laid eggs, no daddy so unfertilized eggs, but eggs! At least now we know she's a girl! Weird...

We had Things That Go week at daycare - we spent a lot of time playing with a cardboard box "car" the kids made together! Lots of fun! And lots of time outside on the push cars & trikes!

The big kids found another baby turtle this week - even tinier than last time. We enjoyed watching it for the day and then releasing it again.
W's 2nd birthday was Friday last week. We celebrated Thursday at snacktime with ice cream pops, cookies & Kool Aid - Yummo! Happy Birthday W!
Two of the little girls were convinced my feet were cold Friday at the end of the day, so they gave me a foot rub at the end of the day to warm them up. I now go stand by an A/C vent to try to convince them to do it again!

We ended Saturday night with a gorgeous rainbow and sunset....
I finally got my custom-framed (very expensive! - yikes!) family picture back from the store and got it hung and accessorized like I've been waiting to do - LOVE IT! Stampin' Up's Decor Elements - really makes it special!

S has been wanting a buzz cut all summer, so last night I took the beard trimmer (yep, you read that right) to him and shaved his head! It was so fun!
Saturday morning I got to go garage sale-ing with my friend, Brandi, and we hit the mother-load! I got a new block table for the daycare, a playhouse, a new trike, sit-n-spins, a toy mower, new baby dolls, a new bench for the kiddos and more! Great finds!

I finished my "quiet corner" for the daycare kiddos (almost). I've been wanting, for years, a nook that they can go to 1 or 2 at a time to chillax, to read a book, to get away from louder play and we finally made one! I plopped down an old sleeping bag, some pillows, some stuffed animals for the floor - and tacked yards upon yards of tulle around the top to create a bit of a tent with a fluffy ceiling! They are loving it and I am loving the quiet option for everyone!

And - this weekend, B put up a tire swing for our big kiddos - they've been wanting one since we moved in, had the perfect branch set up and everything. It is now done for them! Yay! (Man, I think the back yard is pretty, but would be even better if we didn't have the view of the back of the neighbor's shed...)
This week is our Fireworks and Red, White & Blue week - I've got lots of fun projects in the works and am very much looking forward to the weekend!

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Laura Fluke said...

Dude- that was the longest blog post known to man!!! Wow!!!! Awesome week though- fun times! Awesome buys too!!!