Thursday, May 28, 2009

Would I Ever?

OK - totally copying my friend, Laura, who has started blogging some of the silly things she would never do - or at least never admit to doing... I know how many of you believe for some reason, that I am perfect, super-mom, super-wife, a chef, amazing housekeeper, incredible organized and talented and on and on and on....


OK, and back to reality...

Just to keep myself in check and grounded, I will, too, share with you some of the things you might wonder if I would ever do?

Would I ever put on my favorite CD "for the kids" so I can sing along with it and not be judged because they think I'm a fabulous singer?

Would I ever give the kids a morning snack of chips because I thought they sounded really good?

Would I ever make a yummy punch for Bunko and taste test so much of it I had to make a whole 'nother batch to serve?

Would I ever bake a cake that didn't turn out so well, serve it to my family, but bake another one that ended up looking better for company?

Would I ever mope and whine because the "free" phone I wanted with our new cel phone plan didn't come in a color I wanted and the one I wanted we had to pay for? (my new hot pink cel phone will be here today)

Would I ever encourage the kids to play video games upstairs so they could hear the UPS man as soon as he showed up with my new phone?

Would I ever plan a month's worth of menus/grocery lists all at once because I cannot stand to do it and would rather just have it done?

Would I ever get so excited about getting to eat out (because I don't have to plan, cook & clean up) that I start planning it days in advance? (girls' day on Saturday...)

Would I ever sneak around to take video of one of my favorite little dancers so I can catch her just dancing because she loves it and not because a camera is on?


Anonymous said...

I am so impressed! What great moves, even with no music! Her mom must be an awesome dancer!

I so relate to your list....not that I would ever do those things either! :)

Laura Fluke said...

Boy--- what does her mom let her watch??? I AM SO KIDDING!!!! It was so cute, and it makes me smile! I love your list! We are so the same person...scary!