Friday, May 29, 2009

Wet Wednesday was Cancelled so we had Fabulous Friday

Wednesdays are our normal days during the summer to play in the wading pool and sprinklers. It's a nice break from our normal routine and chance to cool off on a hot day! This Wednesday was chilly and damp so we postponed water play until today - and it was a great day for it! Everyone had a great time!
How many kids can fit in one tiny pool?

W wasn't so sure about playing in the pool this time... He got close, but it was kinda loud & crazy.

M was lovin' it!

Little K love it, too!

S helped everyone get wet...
The pool is shaped like an elephant head - then you stick a hose in the sprinkler in the trunk - it really shoots far! Or you can turn the pressure down for a short fountain - tons of fun!

Middle Miss K was patiently waiting her turn to play with the sprinkler...

A playing in the sprinkler...

M running through the sprinkler
Little K running through the sprinkler...
C really making it spray!

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