Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chosen Sisters

I am lucky to call a wonderful group of 6 gals my chosen sisters. All cheesiness aside - I was not blessed with sisters in my family, so I got to chooe my own and I love them all like family; or more than family! We love to talk and laugh and hang out and watch movies and talk and laugh - and you get the picture. We lost the every-day, in-person relationship with one of the sisters when she moved to CO, but we'll never lose her completely. Allison has made it back to visit us a couple times this first year - once in Wichita and once just a week and a half ago here in KS. We had a blast!

We prepped for our weekend by carrying our Flat Allison pictures with us everywhere we went to take pictures with her and scrapbook them. Too cute when it was all done! When we went to KC to pick her up, the flats came with us! But, once we met up with Allison 3D, the real fun began. We lunched at the Cheesecake Factory. Yum! We shopped around the Plaza, meeting up with Black Pleather Hello Kitty who tattooed us!

One of our current catch-phrases right now is that we want to be like brassiere's - lifting and supporting each other and others. We take our job very seriously!

We had a great slumber party at our favorite "Playboy Mansion" - Lisa's house! We ate and talked and watched Mamma Mia (again) and just acted silly.

The next evening we headout out to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic - great flick! Laura F took a great picture of us all in the theater bathroom (don't ask!)

We had a great weekend, did a lot more than all this. I just HAD to update my blog with something because some of the girls were whining. I'm entitled to fall behind on my updates - selling a house, buying a house, producing a play, running a full daycare, spring break, planning stamping events, raising 3 kids, and so much more. But - I don't want to leave ya'll hanging anymore. Check back in - I'll try to update more reguarly!


Laura Fluke said...

very nice- glad to see another blog post from ya! Way to go! And, cute pictures!!! The bathroom one is one of my favorites!

Allison said...

I love the bathroom picture too! Hope all is going smoothly with the house. Miss you, Dawn!