Friday, February 20, 2009

Say Cheese!

This week we've done some chatting about taking care of our teeth. We looked at our teeth, we talked about brushing and flossing and eating healthy foods. And now - they'd like to show 'em off!

They've got great real smiles - and love showin' off those pearly whites.

But, personally - I like these big cheesy smiles! They "brushed" these teeth white with white paint - I think they look great!

Oh - and Mama J - your son, Baby B is now officially a MONKEY. He has been climbing everything! Here he is up on the chair almost on top of the computer desk! Watch out World!


Anonymous said...

Very nice teeth!!
Ummm, yes, he has been climbing up on the chair and then on the dinning room table at home!

Laura Fluke said...

Love the new blog look!!! Cute kids too! Love the teeth art! Such fun they must have!

Jenny said...

Hi Dawn, loving your blog AND your ink! Thank you so much for your care of K and B.