Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sweets for my Sweets

As we forge ahead with our Valentine lessons, we baked sugar cookies today. We rolled, we cut, we baked then we decorated...

All of the big kids chipped in with the frosting and sprinkles.

A loved the light pink
E was getting the hang of it

K was like a pro

L'il K like to hold her fingers in the frosting in the hopes of getting to lick 'em after

It took us most of the morning, but the results were beautiful!

Lotsa cookies!
Big, Beautiful Heart Cookies

It was pretty amazing to see how much we got done when you consider everything else that's going on nowadays. Three little guys under the age of 2! It's kind of like a constant tornado, but man, they're cute!

Again, a bit blurry b/c those guys are Fast!

Just a small sampling of what the floor in my house looks like during waking hours...

When we're not diapering, running, climbing, smacking our heads into things - we get some of this going on. Which means a whole lotta clean up time! Whew - no wonder I'm so tired lately!
After lunch, everyone got to snack on a (not so) little cookie for dessert. Mmmmm, Tasty!
Those girls were mighty proud of their work!

W just picked the frosting off his...

Baby B did the same...

M - frosting, too.

And... this is what you get when you cross a little boy, spaghetti and frosted cookies!

Yep - he liked it!

Baby B - we sure do have a lot of pictures of you like this!

Now that the mess is all cleaned up, I can look back and just enjoy the fun everyone had!

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Laura Fluke said...

Love the new blog look! And, it looks they had a blast on the cookies. We are doing ours tomorrow!!