Friday, January 2, 2009

A Wonderful Christmas with the Daycare Family, as well

These past 2 holiday weeks get a little crazy. B has also been off work and that makes me a little crazy. Anyway, I took tons of pictures at our Daycare Christmas Party with the full intention of posting them right away so everyone could enjoy seeing their kids enjoy themselves that day (nearly 2 weeks ago now), but obviously that didn't happen. But, we did have a very nice time.

The day before Christmas Eve was a cold day; everyone was out of school; we had no real agenda. We hung out and just played and watched a movie in the morning. After lunch, I decided it would be a great time to tackle the gift portion of our day. I played Santa and drug all the gifts to the living room and we all plopped on the floor. Going totally against what the kids all wanted to do, I handed them a gift one at a time and we all watched everyone open each gift.

From me, this year, it was the year of the blanket. I made each of the kids a knotted fleece blanket in a pattern that suited each of them.

Soft & Pink for Miss J.
Bright flowers & dragonflies for A.

Fun and Funky for this A.

PURPLE for Miss K

(B even took a minute away from his computer projects to watch everyone - he does enjoy seeing them have fun!)

Bright butterflies for this Miss K - bright and happy!

Flannel for B - kinda grown up, kinda cowboy...

Space for J - All Boy!
I even had a cool KU one done for Baby B but he was so wound up that I just couldn't get a picture of him... But believe me, his blanket was cute and he loved it (as much as a rowdy little boy can love a blanket at Christmas...)
Each child also drew the name of another child to exchange gifts with. They helped their mom and dad pick out something perfect! Everyone truly enjoyed the gifts they were given by their friends!

After everyone took naps with their new blankets, we had a birthday party for Baby Jesus at snack time. We had yummy cupcakes and ice cream and punch; birthday hats; we blew out candles and sang happy birthday; everyone got a goodie bag to take home; too -

a great birthday party!


Anonymous said...

Very nice! I know my kiddos had a great day. I will have to snap a pic of Baby B with his blanket for you!

Laura Fluke said...

We have some of the same blanket materials... great minds must think a like!!!!

Dawn Estes said...

Ummm - great minds find what is on sale :o)