Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Sad Good-Bye

I've been very blessed with having 2 very special guys in my life and in my daycare. I've had B and J both since they were babies and they have been an every day part of my life for 8 years!

They are 2 of the most rough & tumble guys I've ever met, with the biggest hearts. They are fearless and funny, cute and caring. There isn't anything they won't try.
B is a cowboy at heart and wears his boots and western shirts all year long!
J is going to be a true ladies' man - I've seen him dancing his friends around the room like a true gentleman.

They both now get to start staying home with Dad, who's starting in on some new ventures, and they're going to have a blast having that Daddy Time. I will having them as part of my everyday life, but I know they'll be a part of our family forever.

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Laura Fluke said...

that is such a nice post! And great pictures too!