Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For the Mamas:

I went back and forth a couple times about what, exactly, to put in today's blog post. Do I post only the fun our newest addition, W, had today? Do I post only the budding friendship between W and Baby B? Do I post separately about the fun the rest of the kids had? Well, we all know how easy it's been for me to get behind in my blog, so I thought I'd just throw it all in one!

It's been a very busy, exciting day! Today was the first day our new friend, W, joined the crew! He is an 18 month little ball of joy and will be a dear friend to Baby B who is 14 months old! Baby B LOVED him when W came to visit a couple of times - running across the room to hug him (and inevitably knock him down - it's that touch of orneriness and excitability in him, can you see it?).

And well, W - he wasn't always sure what to think of Baby B. Today, they were ready for each other! They placed so nicely together - they shared toys back and forth - they explored together - they hunted for the doggies - they also both really enjoyed climbing on top of the picnic table together; I didn't get pictures of this because when it happened, I'd be lifting 'em down - not so easy to do when you're trying to focus a camera.

(B is handing W a toy bed)
(then they both took turns filling it with Weebles)

(Hello? Mom? I'm having lots of fun today!)

(Nice Sharing Boys!)

(B is showing W around - cupboards included...)

(W knew the dogs were in the laundry room - and kept looking under the door at them!)

(W is giving B a "hug")
They did great all through free-play time while the girls did their own thing. Then we did calendar and got started on some pre-school work. The boys did some coloring with the girls and both actually showed some interest and got some scribbles down on the paper! We had a little snack of pretzels, then they went off to play while the girls learned a little about weather.

(W does some coloring while the dinosaur he latched onto watches...)

(Baby B does some coloring in between trying to take bites of crayon)

Today we talked about wind. We dribbled some watered-down paint onto our papers while letting a blow dryer simulate the wind - which left us with a fun, splattery look!

(Watch it splatter!)
Then we (I) used our air/wind to blow up balloons and everyone played with balloons for a while! There was a lot of all-out frenzy playing then some of the girls got serious and started to find the matching balloons!
(J finds a balloon match (no it Doesn't look like that!!))

(Hey! Where'd it go?)

(Balloon Fun!)

(Yes, Baby B likes to chew on the balloons - but did a good job listening when I'd ask him to stop)
(I found a big one!)
(Watch 'em fly!)
Once I decided it was time for the balloons to go away, we had some fun singing silly songs together!

After we were done singing, I broke out our favorite CD (no - not Mamma Mia, but Greg and Steve) and we did some serious dancing! Then we added in our own instruments!

(E I E I Ooooooooo - note the jazz hands!)
(W is clapping for the kids!)
(Free Dancing time - Miss K Always has to dance so she can see her reflection in the tv)
(I must've been crazy - musical instrument time!)
Everyone was starving by the time we got to lunch and ate very well!
(Mmmmmm, good grub!)
And, then, after a few books together and a little rocking time - off to naps...

We've had a great day so far!


Laura Fluke said...

Holy Moly, that had to be the longest blog I have ever seen....just kidding! Sounds like your new lil guy adapted well and is a great fit to your awesome daycare family!!!

Dawn Estes said...

Yeah, it was super long - I told you - I couldn't decide what to include! AND I had some fabulous pictures! Took forever to do, but I think it was well worth it!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad they got along well!! Love that first pic of Baby B, too cute, and that is so him! Great post!