Friday, October 10, 2008

They're Gone....

My favorite little friends of the summer seem to be gone. Sigh. I miss them already. My hummingbirds are my favorite summer source of entertainment. I spend hours (not all at once, because, really, I don't have time for that, but....) watching them zoom and dart and feed from their sugar-water feeders. They perch and sip and I get a big cheesy grin across my face! The best part is that this fascination with my tiny little feathered friends has spilled over to my gruff, manly husband. It's never too long, if I'm out watching the antics of the hummers, before he shows up - camera in hand - to watch with me!

See how this little girl is all fluffed up? It was chilly one morning and damp with dew. This girl sat on the feeder, in the warmth of the rising sun, for probably 30 minutes or more. She was just precious!

Good-bye for now, hummingbirds. We'll miss you, but we'll enjoy watching and feeding your cousins this winter!

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