Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Little Daisy Scout

Miss C is starting her 2nd year in Daisy Scouts. She had so much fun last year and her troop members have become fast friends! Their leader, Emma, does a wonderful job with them and I love the thought and effort she puts into the meetings and projects! The 5 and 6 year olds are learning about the philosophy of girl scouts and community service and all the stuff they're really supposed to do. It's so much more just the chance for a craft project and snack! AND - Big Sis, T, is a helper for the troop! So not only are they both involved in something important, they get to go do something outside the house/daycare one day each week! Good for them and good for me!

Last week they did their re-something-or-other ceremy - revestiture, re-investiture? I don't know the exact term - basically a rededication to this next year of Daisy Scouting. The troop has grown a lot and they all did a great job with their part of the ceremony!

After the Pledge of Allegiance, which they really pretty much yelled - and that was adorable. They each lit a candle as they recited part of the girl scout pledge. And nothing was caught on fire - not hair or clothing or the classroom!
They each got a certificate after giving the girl scout sign to the leaders and helpers. Then they were each pinned by a parent (not like wrestling, but a cute little star pin...).
When they were done, they stood and recited the pledge together and got together for this adorable group picture!

Then we got to eat snacks - the way to end every important ceremony!

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