Thursday, October 2, 2008

Group Tattoo Outing

Got your attention, didn't I?

So I've got this great group of friends. Fun, caring, smart, funny, beautiful, generous, kind - and a little bit crazy. Early this summer, one of our group up and left us to move to Colorado with her family! In honor of the friendships in this group, that was born in Kansas, we decided we would all get sunflower tattoos.

It didn't work out that all of us could do it together before A left for the mountains. Half of us did it then, and the other half had to wait.

Last night...the wait was over! We all (well, most of us) practically took over our favorite local tattoo parlor and monopolized our favorite tattoo artist. (Jennifer at Fine Line for anyone looking to get a beautiful tattoo!)

B was already done before I got there. She already had a cross on the top of her foot, but she added a sunflower and these Japanese symbols for family. So now, her tattoo symbolizes friends, family & Jesus. Aaawwwww.

LF was next. She was nervous and not enjoying the needle too much, but was trying to look tough for the camera!

Oooooh - isn't the finished product gorgeous?

LR went after her - she already got her sunflower, but didn't want to be left out of the tattooing fun, so she added a little more to the tattoo on her tummy. Very nice.

Oh - and while the other girls were being done, she brought in her new red hooker shoes for us all to enjoy! And here's a picture of her sunflower tattoo while she's wearing the lovely red shoes!

LL was last. Poor LL! She was so nervous by the time it was her turn that I think we all were pretty sure she'd back out. But LL is a tough cookie! Well, not really, but she did get her sunflower and it is complete! There is something to be said for that!

Here she is right before - she already looks like she's in pain!

Here's the first touch of the needle!

Oh - and still outlining here....

And adding some color - note the bright red splotches on the poor girls' chest as she's endured the pain for several minutes now!

Now it's done, LL has to fan the sweat from her very damp pits now...

As soon as Jennifer was done torturing her and gave her a mirror, LL looked at it, turned around and beamed a big cheesy smile at us and said, "it's so cute - I love it!"

We had a lot of fun and these pics are hilarious, but in all seriousness. My sisters, my friends, my "small group" are a part of me and I love them. This silly little bit of art was a bonding experience for all of us and I'm so glad we did it! And - don't worry! I'll get the previous outing pics and post them soon as well!!

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KraftyKerilou said...

Too cool! Makes me want another one. I have two already!