Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Forest

This week we've been exploring the forest -

We spent a lot of time talking about and looking at trees. We made tree pictures from torn pieces of colored paper. We made trees by painting with sponges as well. Trees help us in many ways - from giving us the wood we use to build things to foods we eat. We built our own structures using popsicle sticks and we enjoyed snacking on apples!

Yesterday we talked about things we might find on the forest floor - leaves, grass, plants, sticks, and fungus! Gross, huh? But the kids loved it! We explored some mushroom with magnifying glasses and tasted some, too! We checked out some cool-looking fungus on a tree in the neighborhood. We practiced our counting and matching skills with some construction paper mushrooms as well.

Today we started talking about the different kinds of animals we might find in a forest - we'll look more indepth at forest critters next week!

We also spent time with the letter D this week - numbers 1-4, the square shape and the color blue! We explored our senses today - touch, smell, sound, sight and taste!

Lots of fun this week and more to come next!

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