Monday, October 27, 2008

Goals and Gratitude

OK, so I know that last week I was not a good blogger - as several of my friends pointed out! This week, I am determined to do a better job updating my blog daily. If I don't do it, call me on it! I should be able to every day except possibly Friday and Saturday when my house will be turned completely upside down while we have new carpet installed thoughout. Some days, maybe I'll even hit you with 2 posts!

I also just wanted to take a minute to gush about how wonderful a weekend is. Let me start by saying that, I really do love my job - it's perfect for me. I love the kids I work with, I love the families I work with, I love the challenge of preparing lessons and activities for the kids, of planning and preparing meals, of keeping up with all the paperwork. However, there are weeks that some combinations of circumstances make me want to crawl in a cave for a year or so. Last week was one of those weeks!

Thankfully, a weekend usually cures that. It's amazing that this weekend did as well. I say it's amazing, because it was a crazy, busy weekend. It started Friday night with a stamp class. There were about 14 or 15 of us in and out during the evening and while it is "work" (kinda, but really - it's just my hobby) to get it ready, once everyone's there and we're stamping together, it's just me and a group of my friends hangin' out and I leave there feeling great every time! Thanks, girls, for starting out my weekend well.

Saturday morning T and I head out for breakfast with a couple of my friends. Another thank you moment. It doesn't matter what we do or where we go, when I get together with the girls in my "small group", we just have a ball. Even at Denny's. Thanks, friends, for a fun breakfast!

After breakfast, we've got play practice at the church. Pretty simple. Another friend time. We visit for a few minutes afterward then I head home to...

...chaos! As many of you know we've been working to clean up 12 years and 5 peoples' worth of clutter in preparation of trying to sell the house. Well, as he explained to me this weekend, my husband's method of cleaning things up is to first destroy everything then to go back and get it cleaned up. Well, my method is to hit a little area at a time, so the mess doesn't overwhelm me and make me crazy. But, since I was gone Saturday morning, guess which method we used? Anyway, we got pretty much done Saturday by mid-evening or so - lots of stuff taken out and put in storage (mostly B's stuff, as I was fond of pointing out to him - I am far, far less of a packrat!), the stuff that was left organized and cleaned up. We fixed dinner and vegged out with a movie (and a nap for some of us).

Sunday we were slackers and skipped church. We slept in a little, then helped the kids carve their jack-o-lanterns. The kids watched the Adams Family movies while B and I got a few more things done around the house. We were scheduled to have family pictures taken Sunday afternoon, we were experiencing hurricane-force winds and decided to reschedule once again. I got laundry done and the kids dressed and I finally took a shower around 4:30 pm (ugh). Then we took the kids to choir and B and I ate at On the Border and it was sooooo good! We picked up the kids came home, fed them PB&J (which they were NOT thrilled about) and just watched some shows from tv.

Even though we worked a lot and got a lot done, I also feel relaxed and refreshed heading into this Monday morning. I'm looking forward to doing some fun Halloween activities with the kids and getting a few more things done and check off my list around the house. And, of course, keeping up with my blog this week!


Laura Fluke said...

Yeah... keeping up with the blog... that will be great!!!
Sounds like you did get a lot done. I am happy for you both! You even sound a lil' chipper!!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy you keeping up with the blog. Reading about your life reminds me that we are all in the same boat in struggling to make it through the day sometimes. Thank you for sharing yours. I am so happy for you about the house; I am sure it is a tremendous amount of work but I am so happy that it will be worth it for all of you. Tammy