Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall - My Favorite Season - and a whine...

So, a very good friend griped at me last night because I haven't been very good at updating my blog this week. Well - Just for you, L, Here it is.

I love fall. The beautiful colors, the smell of fireplaces starting up, the crisp sound of leaves crunching when you walk, the bright sunshine, the warmth of the sun on your face with the cool autumn breezes, long walks, sitting outside watching the squirrels and the birds, finding acorns and pinecones with the kids, the first meals of soups and chilis of the season...

Lovely, right?!

Well, that's so not what we're getting right now. We're getting 2 weeks of ick. Cold, Wet, Soggy, Dreary Yuck! And yes, the weekends have been pretty nice, but who can focus on the weekends when you've got 6 little bodies trying to use up their energy in my house because it's too wet to go outside?! Several days of it last week, and 1 1/2 of it so far this week, with probably another 2 to come. I'm trying, I'm really trying people, but -sigh-. And, if I see "a few flakes of snow in the air" like what was forecasted, I may just go lock myself in a closet.

I'm tired of mud, of wet dogs, of stuff piled up in my house waiting to go in a shed until it's not raining, clouds, rain, noise, and being asked "when are we going outside?"

That's quite a whine, isn't it?

It'll get better and I'm really not a total gloomy gus; it just seems like it. Once my coffee hits it'll help, probably. I do have a lot of positives to try to focus on, too.

We're doing lots of fun pumpkin activities this week that the kids really like.
The baby is a lot of fun as he's learning to walk.
This weekend, when we do have plans outside, will be very nice.
My cupboards are full and yummy meals planned after my grocery run last night.
I get to see my friends for a while at church on Saturday morning.
I get to go stamp tomorrow night!
My nasty carpet will be a thing of the past in just over a week.
This weekend I get to finish up the kids' Halloween costumes, which is a lot of fun.
My kids are all healthy and happy and doing great in school.
My husband and I are doing a good job working on things around the house as a team.
I bought a couple great shirts on clearance last night.
I'm going to try a couple new recipes for my stamp class tomorrow night.
My favorite great big juicy apples are in my crisper drawer.
I just ate a delicious bagel with veggie cream cheese.
My jeans still fit.
I have incredible friends - even when they whine that I'm not keeping up with my blog!

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Laura Fluke said...

Dawn... I love reading your blog even if it took almost a week for you to update it! =)
K loved your rainbow picture and the muddy kids...she asked, "can we do that"... No!
Love reading all the wonderful things you do with your family, daycare and SU biz.! Have a wonderful weekend and look forward to many, many more comments coming your way!!!