Tuesday, September 30, 2008

He's 10!

"S", Bubba, turned 10 on Sunday! Flippin' those double-digits was very exciting and the first thing he said to me yesterday when he woke up was "I'm 10." He's no longer a "little boy", but growing up. Before too long he'll be a teenager, then going to high school and graduating and beginning his adult life. Sigh. I think we'll just try to enjoy the fun of 10 for a while!

We celebrated with a swimming party a couple weeks before and I think everyone had a ball! This was the first year he basically just asked for money so he could save up to buy something he really wants - like Guitar Hero or a nice RC truck. He also got to spend the day at an RC Airplane show with Dad on Saturday - they like that...

Happy Birthday, Bub! You've taught us a lot in your 10 years and we've had lots of fun! We're looking very forward to the next 10!

Love, Mom and Dad

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KraftyKerilou said...

Oh, Happy Birthday! Bub is what my Daddy always calls my brothers!! He is sweet. And you are right, mine will be 13 in 28 days, it flies by, doesn't it?