Friday, October 17, 2008

Goin' Batty Week

As we get closer and closer to the spooky fun of Halloween, we've been exploring some spooky things - last week the forest, a little spooky, but not so much. This week - bats, a little spookier!

I found a bucket of bats at the store and we sorted them, made patterns with them, played with them and more! We learned all kinds of interesting facts about bats. We pretended to be bats. We looked at bat books. We did bat coloring pages.

We made stamped bat images with cookie cutters. (and then made bat cookies, too!)

We did an activity where each kiddo got to be a blind-folded "bat" and find his or her "food"/friend using their ears only as the friend would clap quietly - just as a bat uses echolocation.

We made cute little bats from egg carton cups.

We made handprint bats. (We forgot to take a picture before washing one of the kiddos' hands, can you guess which one?)

Today and yesterday there was no school, so we did lots of other fun activities to keep those pesky big kids busy, too! We made bouncy balls.

We made "popcorn on the cob" by putting Indian Corn in a paper bag in the microwave for about a minute and a half. And it did taste pretty good!

We made Halloween candy necklaces.

And today - the big kids have been carving a pumpkin all on their own (with safe tools...)

Oh! And the baby has been doing that fun lunging/learning to walk thing - so we have to spend lots and lots of time on the floor with him! It's one of my favorite baby times! (though very hard to get an in-focus picture of!)

It's been a busy week - and a little crazy these past couple of days with everyone here. Especially when you consider that it has rained or been soupy muddy all week! Later today we'll do some face painting. Then next week - lots of pumpkin projects!!


Laura Fluke said...

These pictures are really great! The kids look like they had a blast doing all of those wonderful bat activities... where in the world did you ever come up with great lessons???
You are a great child care provider... do you have a preschool and infant opening???

Dawn Estes said...

Running away Screaming!!! :o)