Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beauty - for real this time...

OK, so it happens, I get bitter and jaded and cranky and icky when things aren't always exactly the way I want them. And then this comes out in a blog post - hence the post last week about the rain and the mud or the week before whining about all the kids being out of school.... and the rain and the mud.

But, actually, I love the outdoors and if it weren't for trying to work little ones' routines and temperaments around it, I really wouldn't mind the rain and the mud as much.

Often times, our idea of a nice, relaxing time as a family is spent just wandering around outdoors somewhere. About a week and a half ago, we took a picnic lunch after church at Gage Park and spent a lot of time exploring the rose gardens. B got some beautiful pictures of the late-season roses. (I love our camera!)

After the rose garden, we just walked the trails around the Governer's Mansion. It was a beautiful, windy day and we came out of a trail into a meadow, I couldn't resist plopping down for a little rest right there - I really could've laid there and slept for a while, but B insisted on moving on so he and the kids could play by the pond.

Yesterday was a great day outside with the daycare kiddos. Sunny and cool, but with warm sunshine. The mud was pretty well dried up and they were so happy to be outside! I look forward to getting out again this afternoon!

Now, in the spirit of still bringing in comments and feeling the love (which, really I do, but I love to hear from all of you also - it makes me smile!) --- What is your favorite thing about fall? GO.


Laura Fluke said...

I love your last picture... so cute! Fall... I am not sure, I am sure once I am not living it I will be able to think of a million things. Oh- here's one: I love driving in the car and having K point out all the beautiful trees and their leafs that have changed colors. She gets really excited about this! Have a wonderful day my friend!

Anonymous said...

Fall = Single Mom for me. Seriously, I like the girls and I taking lunch/supper to the field and riding in the combine for the first couple of weeks and then I'm ready for harvest to be over!


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are great; what a wonderful time with family; those are the things that make the rest livable. Fall is so pretty with the trees and prairie grasses changing. I also like the dark longer evenings; for a few weeks; to hibernate, then I am ready for it to be gone. Soups, that is another great thing about fall. Thank you for sharing your world with us; I truly enjoy it. Thanks and have a great fall sunny day. Tammy

Anonymous said...

I am definatly a jeans and sweatshirt kinda girl! So my favorite thing about fall is the weather early on.
I love being able to go out with no jacket but in a cozy seatshirt and my favorite pair of jeans and be completely comfortable and content.